Online appointments and operations management for your pet business.


We offer appointment setting simplified.

Unchain yourself from the constant phone calls and voicemails, instead your clients simply log in and book. As the business owner all that time listening to voicemails and playing phone tag can now be used more effectively by yourself and your staff.

You set your available openings for each day and we do the rest. If you’re booked then the client has to select a different day. Minimal effort is needed from you to keep your appointments set.

Plexey was developed specifically for the pet care business. Stop the tedious, time consuming chore of booking over the phone. No more missed calls or missed appointments. Your clients can book 24/7 at their convenience.

Whether you offer Daycare, Boarding, or Grooming we’ve got you covered. Your clients will easily be able to book your services 24/7.



Set your service to Review and Accept or Automatically Accepted

Services can be set to automatically accept the appointment as long as you have availability that day, or if you prefer to review each one before approving you can do that too.

Your clients receive free automated text and email appointment reminders

Never make another reminder call again. We will send out a text and email reminder to your clients the day before their appointment. If they need to re-schedule they can simply login and schedule for a new date

Set daily openings per person or per service

Your business set up exactly how you schedule it. You can set up multiple services such as Daycare, Boarding, or Grooming and set your daily available openings individually. You can also have muliple groomers that each have their own individual openings each day

Track shot dates and know before booking if pups are up to date

If a pet is going to be out of date on any of your required shots at the time of their appointment you’ll know it. This is essential for keeping your business, yourself, and your employees as safe as possible.

Complete Daycare, Boarding, Grooming management

This if your game changer. We can help reduce the hours you spend managing your business, which equals more time for you to focus on other tasks, and less hours needed by your staff, saving you on your payroll costs.

Free up time during the day

With your new free time during the day you can work ON your business instead of working IN your business. We give you the tools to help your business grow.


Take us for a test drive. When you register as a new business you can schedule a free guided setup personalized for your business.


30 days free trial. No Credit Card required.


See it in action. Schedule a demo and discover how we can help your business grow

Questions? We’ve got answers. We can tell you if Plexey is a good fit for your business.

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